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Image Editing Company

As an Image Editing Company, we offer image editing services for all levels of consumers, from the average joe who wishes to touch up their family photos before sharing them on Facebook to professional photographers looking for advanced, state-of-the-art digital tools.

We offer best image editing services, including retouching, color correction, and any other adjustments necessary to make sure that your photos are consistent with the rest of your branding efforts. We have an advance photo editing studio located in New Delhi, India and having a state-of-the-art infrastructure that allows fast delivery through systematic work-flow management. Our work ensures that both the quality and the output level remain high.

Image Editing is the art of modifying or enhancing digital/print photos with the help of various applications and photo editing tools. Image editing helps achieve the best possible version of the image with good appeal and required qualities as per the intended purpose.

Our company offers a complete gamut of image editing services, including Image to vector conversion, Image clipping path, Digital image processing, Image background removal, Product photo editing, Clipping path & masking, Background removal, Ghost mannequin, Jewelry retouching, Furniture, photo editing, Real estate image editing, Portrait retouching, Vector conversion and other Graphic designing services.

This service involve the variety of exercise like Removal of unwanted elements like dust, scratches, wrinkle, shadows, reflections, Adjusting color, contrast, brightness, Cropping and resizing as per the requirements, Background removal, Image masking and much more.


We offer a gamut of image editing services to our worldwide customers, price start $0.45 only which includes product photo editing, web optimization for e-commerce, color cast removal, cropping, adding neck montage, resizing, the addition of drop shadow or mirror shadow, addition and removal of reflections, retouching and more.

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A Reliable Image Editing Company in India

We are well-known image editing company and having its state-of-the-art graphics studio in Rohini, New Delhi. Our company established in 2009 with the sole motto of providing reliable and affordable services to its clients from various industries around the world. Today, the company is a leading offshore outsourcing partner for par excellence image editing services, powered by a huge pool of talented image editors in the latest technology and graphics tools.

Outsource to a Reliable Image Editing Company in India

With over 11 years of experience in image editing services and graphic designing work, we are a reputed photo outsourcing company that can help you in editing, optimization, and enhancement of all types of images. Our professionals can deliver photos that look good and fit all your requirements. Whether you are a business that has very precise requirements or an individual looking for some minor retouching for personal photos, our image editors can provide you with great results.

We have worked on all kinds of outsourced projects small and large. Our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals caters to the image editing requirements of our clients irrespective of the size of the project. Outsource image editing work to us and give your organization a competitive advantage. is an all-encompassing image editing company that extends a wide range of services to its clients. Our extensive service catalogue includes e-commerce product photo retouching, clipping path, image masking, background removal, jewelry photo editing, furniture image editing, real estate image editing, image cropping, etc.

We have worked on all kinds of projects small and large. Our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals serves the image editing and image processing requirements of our clients. Outsource image editing work with us and give your organization a competitive advantage.


  • You send the request from request quote page or by email
  • We review your requirement, send the quotation ASAP and request to provide a few images
  • We do the free samples and send for review
  • After confirmation order email, we move further, if required sign NDA
  • Assign the project to an expert team
  • Project Managers get the work done under their supervision and ensure constant interaction with clients


Selecting an offshore image editing company to outsource editing work is a major concern, particularly when willing to build a long-term business relationship with the company. We are confident of providing you quality work with fast turnaround. Here are some reasons for you to select us:

  • LOW price, HIGH quality
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Overnight turnaround available
  • Per image cost, hourly/monthly resource hiring
  • Monthly invoice schedule available
  • Double check quality control process
  • FREE TRIAL to check quality
  • Reliability
  • Large quantities delivered quickly
  • 24x7 customer support


Clipping paths are typically used to hide the background of an image or may be used to transform an image into any shape, making the masked portions transparent or to change the color of the background.

We provide great quality in image clipping with fast turnaround time and low cost! If you are in search of a clipping path provider, you can easily rely on us and can save your time and money, and concentrate on other creative work.

We offer clipping path services which are performed manually by our highly skilled professionals using up-to-date techniques. Our team is capable of handling huge volumes of work while following all the guidelines given by the clients in an efficient manner. By out-sourcing your image clipping path work to us, you get access to professional services that won't let you down ever.


We offer professional image editing services to enhance images and photographs for you. All our services and solutions are of premium quality. The processed pictures can be used on the Internet or for printing.

Outsource image retouching to us and get access to accurate and cost-effective digital image retouching. Our team of image retouching experts is skilled at retouching images featuring any levels of complexity. Select as your image retouching partner and give your business a competitive edge.

Photo editing services we provide intend to alter the overall quality of the light measured on a scale like adjusting the hues and contrasts, removing the blemishes, spots and bring more clarity to the photo. It can be seen as a special kind of photo enhancement . Being an experienced full-service image editing company, we can do it effortlessly.


Our following outsourcing process ensures easy getting started.


Send a few unedited images to us via contact from or to our email with instructions


Receive the quote with complimentary samples, check the quality & decide the next move


File sending method WeTransfer, Dropbox, and exclusive FTP or any suggested by client


Process received images, do QC before sending to customer. Revision free of cost


Will send the confirmation mail to download the work. Contact anytime by Email, WhatsApp, Phone etc.


What we do in our Professional Image Editing Services -

  • Product Background Removal, Resizing, Aligning, Creating Reflections and Shadows
  • Correcting Color, Brightness, etc.
  • Creating Color Variants of Products
  • Clipping Path & Masking Service
  • Portrait Retouching(Skin Smoothening, Teeth Whitening, removing flaws like wrinkles, red-eye, acne, etc.)
  • Ghost Mannequin (Removing Mannequins and making required area)
  • Jewelry Retouching (Stone details, color correction, removing imperfections like dust, scratch, etc.)
  • Furniture Photo Editing (Removing Scratches, Removing Shadows and Reflections, Removing and Replacing Background, Adding Natural Shadows & Reflections)
  • Wedding Photo Retouching Services (Culling and Photo Color Correction)
  • Real Estate Photo Editing Services (Color cast, sky change, window view replacement, white balance, exposure adjustment etc.)
ghost image

Product images are the lifeblood of your online store

Images should always be a focus in your content, it is a great way to grab customer attention

Our Portfolio Cast a Glance at Our Work
We know Image Editing like Nobody Else

Having several years of experience in image editing, we are a professional image editing company in India and can assist you in managing and enhancing as well as optimizing all kinds of images. Our image editing services team helps you attain optimized and better looking imagesthat can be used for your professional or personal purposes. Outsourcing your image processing needs to a trusted partner like us can help you achieve an output of optimum quality.

How we work
Our Process of Image Editing

There are so many methods to edit the images. We use most standard steps to edit digital images, don’t over edit the images because it will lose details and become unnatural looking.

Step 1: Straighten and Crop Straightening of any images is first editing step, then it’s best to crop the unnecessary area to improve the look.

Step 2: Adjust exposure and contrast Adjusting exposure is the process of making the image exactly as dark, bright, light as we want. In the histogram graphical flow of the tonal range of a photo helps to adjust final exposure levels during editing. Contrast is the range of bright to dark tones. It can be adjusted to achieve the best result.

Step 3: Adjust white balance and color vibrancy Adjusting white balance play important role If the photo has a strong color cast. We fix it before adjusting the color balance, saturation and vibrance. We use all commands to make the image clear.

Step 4: Apply sharpen Sharpening is all about crisper and cleaner look. It makes the images look stand out with clear edges of objects and it makes a big difference.

Step 5: Retouching Many images contain unwanted objects, dust, scratch, spot etc. that need to be removed. That can be removed by clone stamp and healing brush and we use these tools to make the image perfect.

Step 6: Output to a level of perfection with perfect details and look.

Get Perfect Product Images for Big Marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, eBay and more
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Our team is well aware of the guidelines of all major marketplaces and can deliver images that are perfect for the given platforms. We take care of the size, background, dimensions, etc. to make the images compatible for the chosen platform. For instance, Amazon needs a plain white background and the size should be at least 1000 pixels on either side.

View our Case Study - Product Image Editing for Online Lifestyle Store


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We often receive queries from all over the world regarding the location from where we provide our professional image editing services and can we provide as quick and efficient services as a local company in their geographical region. Here, it's important to understand that we are an outsourcing company that relies on an outsourcing process that is completely online with robust infrastructures. No language can delay our process and no border can restrict our delivery.

United States America

When it comes to the USA, we have teamed up with a number of professional and amateur photographers from cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Ohio, Seattle, Denver, etc. We have received a lot of positive reviews from our American clients which are available on our website.


Wherever in Canada your studio maybe, you are just a phone call away from our photo retouching services. We have delivered our services to almost all cities of Canada, including Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec. You can contact our sales team any time to discuss your photo retouching project.

The U.K.

Whether it’s portraits or wedding photographs you want to get retouched, you’ll surely have remarkable results. Photographers from all over the United Kingdom rely on us for their image editing needs. Most of our UK clients come from London, Manchester, Bristol, Lancaster, and Birmingham etc.. If you are committed to delivering perfect photos to your clients, we are there to help you any time of the day, any day of the year.


The beauty of French fashion has made photography a passion for many. We are here to assist you with our professional photo retouching services that can be availed at affordable prices. has extended its support to several renowned photography studios from the cities of Paris, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Nice, and Lyon.


German photographers put great trust in us and that's why we receive projects from all parts of the country, including Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, Stuttgart, Cologne, and Leipzig. You can try our services for free without stepping out of your place. Just request a free sample and get edited photos within hours.


Photographers from Amsterdam, Maastricht, Delft, Eindhoven, Leiden, Utrecht, and many more Dutch cities have partnered with us for delivery of photos that have the power to mesmerize the beholders. We deliver retouched photos in short turnarounds to ensure a smooth workflow for the client photographers.


All our teams are well-conversant with English and hence, we can communicate effortlessly with photographers from all countries of Europe. Though English is not the prime language of all those countries, it can be easily understood by the citizens. So, you can contact us from anywhere and expect amazing image editing services at attractive prices. Presently, apart from the U.K., France, Netherland and Germany, we have clients from Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, and Norway as well.

Australia and New Zealand

Our high-quality services are available in Australia from Melbourne to Sydney and in New Zealand from Auckland to Queenstown at prices, you'll find quite reasonable. Our client support team works day and night to provide you assistance whenever you want. We take good care that your photography style is preserved and photos are retouched as per your instructions.


Our Client Testimonials inspire us to do better each time.


Christopher WhiteThe U.S.A.

I outsourced a bulk project to Image2VectorGraphics India and was surprised to see the pace of work. Besides, the quality was also impeccable.


Madlen WegnerGermany

Amazing images! My e-commerce store is looking more appealing than ever and I am getting higher sales. Thanks to your team


Daunte Olmos Spain

We appreciate the efforts that you have put in our project. Good quality work and no delays! What else can a client ask for? Hats off to your team.



We endeavor to build long-lasting relationship with our clients by being customers oriented and providing our clients with the best service and flexibility. Who are seeking a high volume image editing and clipping service, no matter how large the workload, you can trust for outsourcing.