10 Advanced Tips Which A Photographer Can Use To Enlighten His Product Photography

Photography is an acquired art. It requires an excellent eye for aesthetics, and if done with passion and skill, it can turn out to be quite lucrative. However, it is rapidly becoming saturated, since the entry barrier into this profession is quite low. However, you, as a skilled photographer can differentiate yourself from the crowd by honing your skills and going to the next level. To help you do that, here are some advanced photography tips.

10 Advanced Tips Which A Photographer Can Use To Enlighten His Product Photography

1. Go Monochrome

Colour theory plays a significant role in enabling a photo to tell a story. But sometimes, thinking and shooting in monochrome brings forth a characteristic quality that is abstract and unique. Also, since the colour scheme is binary, the photo is more likely to survive image resizing and replication.

2. Take Long Exposure Shots

Lighting is necessary when it comes to product photography. Bit, you can do it with a twist by using moving lights to create a design with long exposure shots. This works for products that are targeted towards young users, as it makes the photo quirky and colourful.

3. Shoot Under Sunlight

Expert photographers swear by this trick. Sunlight provides a divine glow, and shooting product photos under it can highlight the product. Some perfect times of the day are 11 AM, and sunset. If sunlight is not available, use product photo retouching to achieve the desired effect.

4. Embrace Spontaneity

Don’t be afraid to elicit an emotional response from your models/subjects who are holding the product. Cracking a joke, or showing them something funny/emotional before capturing the photo can lead to candid reactions, which will make the product associated with the emotion.

5. Capture Body Language

Close-ups are known to tell a story with facial emotions. Flip the script, and try to capture body language from afar instead. It will make viewers focus on the photo itself instead of the subject, lending a classic, timeless feel to the product models are holding.

6. Capture Through Something

It can be anything – a piece of netting, a discarded piece of glass – anything that can add a unique perspective to your photo. It will add context and give a sense of depth to the product photo.

7. Try Different Perspectives

When you can’t get something creative to pop in your mind, try a unique perspective. It’s all about context – no matter how your photo is framed, or how colourful it is, it fails to resonate with the viewer without it.

8. Don’t shy away from Photoshop

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While you may scoff and ridicule Photoshop and embrace being a pure artist – a little product photo retouching to add a surreal finish will take your photo to new heights.

9. Use Subframing

Subframing is the process of creating a frame within a frame. It is used in product photography to draw the user’s attention towards the subject. A frame can be formed with elements in the background/foreground, with light, or even texture.

10. Use Reflections

This is a nifty little trick that many experts ignore. Using reflections, in just the right way, emanates style and boldness. This will give the captured image a whole new dimension.

Product photography is a competitive field. But, standing out is not that difficult either. You just need a little creativity to send a message with an inanimate object. Once done successfully, product photography brings in regular work and recognition.

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