2021 Amazon Product Photography Guide for E-Commerce Brands

Product photos are the most important part of an Amazing listing. High-quality images with a clear view of the products help prospective buyers understand what exactly they will receive after placing an order. On the other hand, poor, blurry product images can repel buyers and make a big difference to your sales prospects.

When processing images, you also need to take care of the product photo guidelines issued by Amazon. It’s very important for e-commerce vendors to adhere to the guidelines so that the product listing goes online without any hassles.

Amazon’s Product Image Requirements

  • Images must represent the product precisely and no additional product other than the one for sale should be in the images.
  • The product should be clearly visible with all the features displayed properly.
  • The main image should be having a pure white background.
  • At least 85% of the frame on the longer side of the main product image should be covered with the product photo.
  • The main image should be a professional product photograph without any illustrations, graphics, mockups, placeholders, etc.
  • The main images should not show confusing props, excluded accessories, additional text, watermarks, logos, or inset images.
  • The main images should not show confusing props, excluded accessories, additional text, watermarks, logos, or inset images.
  • All product photos must match the title.
  • The longest side of the images should be at least 1,600 pixels. This is to make sure the image looks clear when zoomed in.
  • The longest side of the image should not be over 10,000 pixels.
  • JPEG is the most preferred image format but TIFF and GIF formats will also do.
  • Animated GIF images are not supported by the Amazon servers.
  • Images should not be sexually suggestive and no nudity should be there.
  • For shoes, the main product image should be shot with a single shoe. The shoe should face left at a 45° angle.
  • The main apparel images of men and women should be shot on a model.
  • All kids’ clothing photos should be shot without models.

What to Avoid in Main Product Photos

  • No badges or imitations thereof should be used. It includes phrases and terms like “Amazon’s Choice”, “Amazon Alexa”, “Premium Choice”, “Best Seller”, “Works with Alexa” etc.
  • Main images should not be pixilated, blurry and should have no jagged edges.

Additional Prohibitions for Main Images in Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Jewelry, Handbags, Footwear, and Luggage

  • Any images with backgrounds other than a pure white background
  • Images with texts, watermarks, logos, color blocks, borders, or any types of graphics
  • Multiple photos of a product
  • Photos with a part of the product for sale
  • Excessive propping that causes confusion
  • Models that are not standing (sitting, leaning, or kneeling models)
  • Products in packaging or tags
  • Visible mannequins (except for socks and stockings)
  • Photos of kids and babies underwear, leotards, or swimwear shot on a model

Additional Product Photos

Amazon allows you to upload up to 9 photos but only the first 7 photos show in the live listing. Adding eye-catching graphics and informative text to additional images is recommended to communicate the beneficial product features to the buyers. You can also add your logos to these photos. Besides, you can include infographics, useful text, size charts, and, comparisons for a higher conversion rate.

Additional Product Photos

  • Pay Stronger Attention to the Main Image

The main image of a product in Amazon listing is the first thing buyers notice. Make sure your first impression goes amazing. Use a clear, bright, and bold photo that compels people to visit the product page.

  • Make Most Out of The Available Space

Upload at least seven product photos while making sure no one is matching another. Take shots from different angles, cover all prominent features, add informative text, include infographics, and put relevant backgrounds.

  • Create Distinctive Lifestyle Photos

If used efficiently, your photos can tell your potential customers why the product should be with them. If you have a specific audience to target, create images keeping them in mind. Take some shots with somebody using the product.

  • Add Informative Text

Highlighting prominent product benefits is a great thing to do and you can do it easily by adding informative text to your images. Whether it’s size details, material details, product usage, or something else you think prospect customers will like to know, just put that in your photos.

  • Amaze Customers with 3D Images

Some products have such benefits or uses that can’t be shown in a regular photo. That’s where 3D photos can make things easier and more impressive. 3D images are better for products that have some mechanics or complexity to exhibit.

  • Include “Before & After” Photos

If your product solves a particular problem of the users, elucidate it with “before and after” photos. Putting the benefits of a product in words is fine but describing it through pictorial presentation takes it to the next level.

  • Upload Instructional Images

For products that need installation or assembling, instructional photos can be great. It provides a quick idea to potential buyers about how to put the product together. Such photos minimize the chances of return.

  • Hire professional Image Editors

If you want a good performance of your listings, you should hire professionals offering high-quality Amazon product photo editing services. DIY approach will not do anymore as the competition out there has gone too tough. To stay ahead of the competition, rely only on professionals with a proven track record.

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