Creating Compelling Print Advertising Designs for Effective Branding


Branding is one of the most vital aspects of every size of business. An effective brand strategy gives you a re-putative edge in rapidly increasing competitive business markets. That’s why branding is the most paramount thing for every online or offline business.


Print advertising is also an important part of branding. If you are promoting a new startup business with the use of print advertising through brochures, newspapers, magazines, billboards and posters, it can help you a lot in raising brand awareness and generating higher income. An effective print advertising designing is a process of surpassing the potential competitors while attracting new consumers that show great interest in about your brand. Here are 9 tips for designing print advertisements that impress people and compel them to take action upon.

1. No Confusion In Your Mind:- It’s quite a necessary thing to do, that your mind should alway be having a clear message when making print advertisement designs so that they make a brilliant impact. Examine the message you want to share and what is your strategy to convey it once you are ready to move forward. Understand the individual messages to be delivered from each and every ad perfectly and keep them in your mind constantly while the designing process so that the viewers take away what you want them to.

2. Use Updated and Appealing Logo:- Always use updated and appealing logo which is unique, stylish and suitable for every audience. Always work with professional graphics designers because they ensure your advertisements are ready for print production. An updated logo is not only a way to stand out as a stylized modern brand, but it’s also a way for people to easily remember your brand, It represents your products and services effectively.

3. Selection of Colors Is Imperative:- Prefer a right color scheme for effective advertising of your offerings, it also matters when building a brand or it’s presence for offline and online awareness. Ensuring the color scheme of your print ad is streamlined with your logo colors or the colors you want to represent your brand is a way to quickly gain results from any campaign you have in mind to launch.

4. Check the Size of Your Print Advertising Designs:- Consider the size of your print ad design when working on any print or graphics. It requires a high level of DPI (Dots Per Inches). When creating graphics for the web, 72 is an ideal DPI for all graphics. It very important to utilize only high-quality graphics and images when working with print design.

5. Typography Matters:- Choosing the relevant fonts when it comes to typography is highly imperative. It matters a lot, especially if you are looking to make a desirable impact with a specific message you want to share. Always choose the right fonts for your print advertising design. Choosing the kind of font which is the most suitable one for your ad adds to the overall impact of the advertisement campaign. You can select the most suitable font for your ad by comparing different fonts available. However, you need to make sure that the font you pick is free from any types of copyrights.

6. Graphics Versus Photos:- Whether you want to use graphics or photos and even both in your next print advertisement design is also an important thing to consider before printing any designs. Graphics which are used in vector format are highly recommended for a unique, modern and appealing advertisement. Using photos of individuals and other objects may help you to set the tone and mood of an advertisement while sending a direct and specific message. In order to find more ideas, You can review magazines, books and online communities dedicated to advertising design over the years and even today.

7. Use Print-Friendly Images And Media:- Using print-friendly images and media is also important when you are creating a unique print ad for your organization and it’s brand. Always ensure that all your designs and images are print-ready, copyright-free and have a standard DPI, at least 300. If you have any doubts regarding what classifies as a print-friendly graphics what doesn’t, then you need to work with a professional or an experienced organization. It is the only way to get the printed ad you need without compromising on the quality.

8. Connect with Your Audience:- Ensure your print advertisement is able to connect with the target audience you are trying to reach. It’s essential to display ads in the locations where individuals may have a genuine interest in your brand and its products and services.

9. Provide Something in Return:- Providing something in return through any of various means like a contest, giveaways, a barcode to scan for everyone in order to generate interest in your brand can be an effective way to increase your brand awareness.

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