The Importance of Image Editing for Product Photos

In today’s high-tech world, people don’t need to step out of their homes to buy products they want. Electronics, furniture, apparels, jewelry, eatables, toys, sports and fitness equipment, almost everything is available online. Sellers can sell their products either by setting up their own web stores or by registering on established online stores like Amazon and eBay. However, most e-commerce entrepreneurs go for both and offer their products through multiple stores.

There are many aspects that make a proposed buyer click the buy button but the thing that makes the first impression is the product image. In the absence of the opportunity to see the physical product, buyers have to take the whole idea of the physical aspects of the product through its images. That’s why product photos need to be flawless in all respects.

Benefits of Good Product ImagesI2V Blog Product Image Editing

  • Better Understanding of ProductNobody can deny the importance of product descriptions but without proper images, it’s almost impossible for proposed buyers to understand a product just with its description. Images present the visual aspects of products and its the responsibility of all e-store owners to use images that are detailed and clear. Having excellent product images can provide a better understanding of the products in question which empowers the store visitors to make informed decisions.

  • Excellent Return on Investment When compared to the investment made in product image editing services, the results it brings are magnificent. You can avail these services at very low prices and can make your products look amazing with just a little investment. When uploaded on various e-stores, edited product photos can boost your sales graph considerably.

  • Brand BuildingImpressive images of your products on popular e-stores catch the attention of online buyers which results in a stronger brand image over time. We know what role images play in the branding of a company but the precondition is that images should be highly impressive.

How Product Image Editing Works?

Product image editing can impact photos in many ways and can add to their beauty to a great extent. Such photos enhance the shopping experience of your customers. Here are the things that can be taken care of by image editing-

  • Size In order to show all details of your products clearly, you need to pay attention to the size of your image. A large image file can take too much time to upload while a small image file can hide the details. That’s why you need product images in appropriate sizes. An image editing company can help you in getting the desired sizes for your product images.

  • Shadow A subtle shadow below your products can make the image look more realistic while augmenting the overall beauty. However, the shadow should be created very carefully and shouldn’t look fake. Only professionals can give you this level of perfection.

  • Consistency Keep the background color of your product images in a single color, preferably white as it presents the product in the best way. Apart from that, you should make sure that in all your images, the product should cover around 80% of the total space. To maintain this type of consistency, image editing is essential.

  • Color Variants When you want to show all color variants of a certain product but have an image of just one of them, you can take help of professionals. Experienced image editors can change the colors in your images as per the requirements.

  • Flaws Removal– Even when shooting with a high-end camera, you can’t be sure that the shot images will be absolutely perfect. Issues like color cast or light reflection can deteriorate the look. Such flaws can be entirely removed through efficient image editing.

For e-commerce companies, images should be one of the biggest concerns. Not paying attention to this factor can become the biggest obstacle between your business and its success. Online stores must invest in superior-quality image editing services to showcase their products in the most impressive way.

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