What Makes the Use of Vector Images Good for Online Promotion?

Whether you want to establish a brand or to raise your sales, online promotion plays a significant role. Online shoppers want to find and buy products and services they want right from their home. In such a situation one of the most important factors that influence their buying decision is the images on the site.


The brand image of a company relies largely on the visuals on the website. To gain the trust of your target audience, you need to use high-quality images that display all relevant details clearly. Keeping in mind the scalability required for traffic coming from various sizes of computing and mobile devices, vector images are the best option for online promotion. These images are scalable to any size making them perfect for various screen sizes. In case you have been using bitmap images so far, you must switch to vector images for better outcomes. Let’s cast a glance at some of the factors that render vector images suitable for various aspects of digital marketing.

  • Scalability

The need of vector image is growing rapidly due to this very factor. Vector images can be scaled to match any resolution, and the quality stays intact all the time. Reformatting or resizing these images doesn’t cause any image disruptions. Hence, the details in your image are never lost.

  • Can be Reused

As these images retain the original look at any resolution levels, you can reuse them for several digital marketing campaigns. Whether you want to put them in a promotional video, on your website or even on your office stationery, vector files never disappoint. It will fit perfectly wherever you want, irrespective of the size requirement.

  • Beautiful and Professional Imagery

Vector graphics use Bezier curves for making images around objects and provide brilliant visuals. Hence, these images neither loose any details nor are bogged down with excess details ever. They let your organization have a strong imagery that can be very helpful in brand establishment and digital marketing.

  • Swifter Loading

Traditional raster images are heavy when compared to vector images and take a long time to load. On the other hand, being lightweight, vector images load quite swiftly. It speeds up the loading of web pages and provides better user experience. Apart from that, it has SEO benefits as well.

  • Good ROI

There are many companies that offer services like vectorization of bitmap images or creation of absolutely new vector images at affordable rates. Keeping the reusability of these images in mind, their ROI can said to be good. Once acquired, these images can be used for banners, logos, infographics and many such things.

  • Conclusion

The trend of keeping vector imagery is getting stronger day by day and those who are still stuck to raster graphics will soon realize their mistake. Raster images are costlier and can’t be used over and over again. In such a situation, not opting for vector images is like saying no to innovation. Many businesses have started to use vector images over bitmap ones, and you must also give it a try.

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