Why Image Editing Services are Imperative for Print Media?

The world famous idiom “Seeing is believing” is enough to understand the impact of visuals on our minds. In today’s world, the power of images has gone even stronger. Images and videos are necessary to make a text based content look great. The importance of brilliant images is relevant both for the web world and the print media. Whether it’s about newspapers or magazines, images play a vital role in making the desired impact. That’s the reason image editing services are in so much demand these days.


Let’s know a little more about print media

Usually, the size of printed magazines is 8.5″X11″. Though for different categories, size may vary. But still, it remains the most common size. However, whatever may be the size of a magazine, the images therein need to be stunning in order to invoke the interest of readers in stories or posts. Images for magazines need to be of higher quality when compared to those of newspapers or newsletters. Generally, magazines are made of thick and glossy papers and it’s stapled and folded. So, in order to place images in the desired places, you need to take good care.

Significance of Image Editing for Print Media

Whoever takes a magazine in hands, first glances it through the images and graphics in it. Here, the impression made on the person depends largely on the quality of the images. The probability of reading the title and then going through the article depends a lot on the level of attraction offered by the photos. If the initial experience of the readers is not good, i.e. images are not attractive, there’s hardly any possibility that they will go ahead with the reading. We all know whether a person reads the title or not, he or she surely notices the images associated with each and every article that passes before eyes.

The main reason behind judging an article by images first is the busyness of today’s life. people don’t have so much time that they read the heading and first paragraph of every article they come across to ascertain whether to read it or not, they just keep on flicking pages and let the images decide whether to give an article a try or not.

When taking image editing services for a magazine, one of the most pertinent questions that appear is that to what extent images should be edited. The easiest answer to this question would be “it depends on the images”. It means a reasonably detailed and crisp image may need just a little retouching while an inferior quality image can take too much editing work.

However, image strategies may vary as per the nature of the magazines. Different verticals will have different strategies in regards to their imagery. Publications like text books, newspapers, technical magazines etc. have to convey newsworthy information like current affairs, education, travel, lifestyle, history arts and so forth. Here you need a minimal amount of editing. On the other hand, fashion, Bollywood, and product based magazines require adequate editing for images to look highly appealing and detailed.

Certain magazines and most newspapers don’t accept images with too much editing done on them. All they want in terms of editing is color and contrast correction and such other minor adjustments. These publications don’t allow big changes like deleting or adding something to an image. While other magazines don’t have such restrictions. They allow adding or removing objects or people, immense change in color balance and even adding special effects to add attraction to images.

In case you want your images to edited for printed material and have a constrained budget, try image editing services in India. There are many businesses in India that provide good quality image editing services at reasonable prices.

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