How to Cut Out an Object from an Image with Quick Selection Tool?

Do you want to cut out an object from a photo? There are multiple ways to separate objects from a given image which can be used as per the complexity level involved. Also, the method used will define the quality of the final image. One of the best tools available for cutting out an object from its background in Adobe Photoshop is Quick Selection Tool. Here is the way to use the tool for separating objects out of images.

Image Cut Out

An Overview of Quick Selection Tool

Quick Selection Tool can separate pixels on the basis of the difference in their colors or tones. So, it’s good when the object to be extracted is in a different tone than the background. Let’s say the object is on a dark tone, then the background should be in a light tone. Quick Selection Tool can easily cut out objects from such images.

Where to Start From?

You can find the tool in the left hand toolbar. It looks just like a paintbrush. Before using the tool on your image, you must make sure that the size of the brush is appropriate as per the image. The size depends on of the area that needs to be selected.

First, you should select big areas. For example, if you are extracting an image of a person or mannequin, begin with the torso. Then, move towards the limbs and do the head area in the end. When selecting an object with the help of Quick Selection Tool, some unwanted area also gets selected.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Selection?

In order to deselect the excessive area, you are required to select the same tool and press control and shift keys. It will reverse the brush so that you can deselect parts of the selection that are not to be taken. This time again you will select those areas, but now they are being deselected. You can also adjust the brush size and zoom level for more convenience. In case you have still some unwanted areas in the image, don’t worry. We can take care of that later. There are two more ways to get rid of such undesired areas.

The first way is very easy. Here, you have to copy the selection and take it to a new image file. In the new file, select the background color of your choice or let it be transparent. After selecting the background color, paste the copied selection on a new layer and use Eraser Tool to remove the unwanted areas. In case the image has complex edges like that of hair or fur, it can be a little troublesome to delete the undesired areas around it.

The second way to remove unwanted parts is a little complicated. After selecting the object, you have to click Layer Mask option. You can find it in the layer box at the bottom right. Select refine mask after right clicking on the layer. Also, you need to switch the view mode. Choose a color that’s opposite to the color of the parts you have to remove. Now, adjust the radius of edge detection. It’s best to keep it at a small number so that getting into difficult areas becomes easier. Now keep the dialogue box open and select the unwanted areas in the image. The edge detection tool will detect the edges automatically and eliminate the undesired area. Then, you can save the image.

When to Take Professional Assistance?

If you have to use images for commercial purpose, especially e-commerce, you must hire professionals for image cut out services. Online platforms for promotion and sales need top-notch quality images which you can expect only from experienced image editors. That’s why you should team up with an esteemed image editing company for image cut out and background removal.

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