Why Online Tools for Background Removal shouldn’t be Used?

Now when you have a couple of beautiful images which can be beautified further by removing backgrounds, you must be thinking what should be done. A bad or unsuitable background can ruin the entire look of a photograph. This issue is very common to see as when there’s an impressive subject, photographers usually don’t pay much attention to the background. Even if they do, they can’t do much about it. Besides, when you have to use such photos for commercial purpose, especially in the case of product images, you need to take good care that background suits the purpose well. Most e-stores have specific rules for backgrounds, which makes it necessary for the merchants to upload their product images with proper backgrounds.

The Shortcoming of Online Background Removal Tools

When it comes to background removal, the internet is full of online tools. All these tools boast to offer a convenient and quick background removal process and brilliant final images. When using these tools, you need to upload the photos that are to be processed and within a few minutes, you will be provided with background-free images. So, the “convenient and quick process” part proves to be true, but you can’t be sure about the “brilliant final images” part. Background removal is a process that needs a meticulous approach which you can’t expect from an automated process. That’s the reason online tools are not recommended for background removal.

It’s not true just for free tools, but for paid tools as well. Many people think that limitations exist only with free tools and applications but that’s not true. There are many premium background removal tools on the market that promise impeccable background removal but investing in such tools is not a wise thing to do. These paid tools are just marginally better than the free ones. In case you want to know what type of images are produced by such tools, have a look.

This is the photo that needs to be edited for background removal-

image for background-removal
Here is what you expect the final image to be-

And this is what you actually get when using online background removal tools-

Final Image

This image is a real output from a free online tool which claims to offer magnificent results. Though, the image we selected is a very simple one from the background removal perspective. But still the results from the automated background tool are disappointing. We also tried some more tools but none of them provided us with satisfactory results. All the outputs were almost similar, some were even worse.

What’s the Option Available?

The technique required to remove background may vary from image to image. Some pictures have single color backgrounds while some others may have complex ones. And some images may have fine things like fur or hair to be separated from backgrounds. All these types of images need different types of approaches for background removal. You can’t expect online tools to work that carefully. That’s why you should hire professions for your image background removal requirements.

Unlike images processed through online tools, images edited by professionals don’t have any flaws that make the image look unsightly. Moreover, when hiring professionals, you are able to communicate them your specific needs so that the output you receive is absolutely as per your expectation. After manipulating the images as per the instructions, these professionals conduct a quality check to ensure perfection in all the images to be delivered. Along with background removal, you can also expect many other image editing tasks from professional graphic artists. By handing over your images to them, you can focus on other important activities of business like production, sales, and marketing.

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