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Process to Remove Background

So many programs available in the market to remove the background from the photo but Photoshop is widely used because it is an amazing program with so many options. We’ll explain the simple method to remove the background. Process step-wise as below:

Step 1: Open the image

Step 2: If you want to auto delete the background, select Magic Wand, adjust the tolerance according to need, and hit the unwanted part, it will remove that. Another way Lasso tool for custom selection, select the unwanted area and hit the delete button, which will remove the background.

Step 3: One more method can be used that is Paths. By selecting Pen tool, selection of wanted object will be done accurately, start the path making and continue the process until you reach to the end point and this the most sought option in background removal world. Once Path made, save the path, make the selection and copy the product and paste, it will create a new layer.

Step 4: To put the desire background texture or color, add new layer and fill the color/texture as per requirements.

Step 5: Save new image in any format JPEG/PNG/TIFF/PSD.

Different Uses of Background Removal

The cutout objects can be blended with a different background properly and therefore, may be used for collage, scrapbooks and greeting card creation. We provide quick turnaround time for background removal service at no extra charges.

The main purpose of the background removal is to extract some part of the object and remove the part that which is unwanted, i.e. the background. The images may also be afflicted with inadvertent blotches, specks, shadows or textures or just the wrong color in the background. These defects may distract the focus of your target audience groups from the main subjects, i.e. your products.

The major benefit of Background Removal

Products can be blended with a different background properly and therefore may be used for e-commerce stores, publishing houses, catalogues, collages, scrapbooks, and greeting card creation.

In the examples below, the objects are removed from the background, thus giving the photograph a much brighter and cleaner look.

When Backgrounds have Unwanted Elements

Under these circumstances, opting for a fresh professional photo-shoot for your marketing and advertising campaigns may not be cost-effective. At times, your requirement may be too urgent to wait for the fresh photographs, or there may be other contingent scenarios too pressing to ignore when you find it more gainful to use existing images of your products over going for a fresh photo-shoot with a clear background. It is when our Image background removal services come in the picture. We offer to bring out the best in your photographs by removing the unwanted and unnecessary objects from the backdrop and draw the entire focus on the product.

Various Methods of Background Removal

Photo background removal can be done via several methods in image editing applications available in the market. But for those who want it to be done perfectly, manually drawn clipping path and masking are the most efficient strategies.

We perform the background removal process by creating a path by Pen tool. At, performing clipping path go through the process of image selection. We consider time and quality as our major objectives while executing image background isolation.

We use the latest techniques for removing background from digital images. Background removal is the first and the most important step to get desired results from images. At first, the background is subtracted from the image, after which, we enhance the image for a better look.


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Here at, we have an effective process in place for flawless removal of background from images. Have a glance at the various tasks involved in it:

  • Background Removal: Placement of objects on solid color backgrounds, like white or gray
  • Removal of Unwanted People or Objects
  • Dust Removal
  • Re-creation of Background
  • Removal and Replacement of Subject
  • Adjustment of Brightness
  • Adding shadows or reflections
  • Resizing

Category-wise Image Background Removal

Considering the complexities involved and the best-suited procedure, deep-etching or background removal services have been classified into the following categories.

Easy-Shaped Objects

Images in which less than 6 anchor points have to be selected with a single path are termed as easy-shaped ones. Usually, these are objects with round, rectangular, oval, or straight shapes having no holes. Some such objects are mobiles, plates, TVs, computer monitors, balls, eggs, books, etc.

Normal-Shaped Objects

When we have to remove background from images having objects with fewer anchor points or curves that need many paths, the object is called normal-shaped. Some holes or transparency to an extent can also be a part of this category. For example, t-shirts, rings, earrings, chairs, shoes, wristwatch, camera, motor parts, etc.

Grouped Objects

Those images which have multiple anchor points in the objects and require multiple paths come under grouped objects. Simply put, objects with quite a few holes or reasonable level of transparency fall under this category. Its examples would be group watches, group bracelets, group shoes, group rings, group food items, etc.

Complex-Shaped Objects

Objects having complicated shapes require extra time, effort, and expertise to be separated from the background. Such images require several closed paths. Some of the objects with complex shapes are chains, furniture, jewelry, furry soft toys, net, bicycles, group people, group bracelets, etc.

Super Complex-Shaped Objects

Images with objects that have high complexity, extreme transparency, horizontal or vertical curved designs, excessive anchor points, and closed paths fall under this category. Decorative chains, fences, fabrics, trees, gates, etc. serve as the best examples of the objects in this category.

Background Removal Via Masking

When the object to be extracted from the background has soft edges, editors need to select the object in various parts in very few pixels to render the perfect look. Such objects require image masking. Some examples are human hair, furry dolls, blankets, fabrics like chiffon and muslin, flesh, etc.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

This service also goes by the name of mannequin removal service and it aims at removing distracting mannequins from apparel photos. For e-commerce apparel businesses that want 360° or 3D visual media for their products, ghost mannequin service is a must. Mannequin removal takes the elegance of apparel photos to the next level.

Unwanted Element Removal

Sometimes, the visual appeal of a photograph is marred by unwanted objects in the background. Removal of such unwanted elements can increase the charm of the photos manifold. You can rely on our qualified and dedicated image editors for the clean removal of such objects from your precious photographs.



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