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Wedding Photo Editing

Contrary to the popular impression, engaging a good photographer is only a stepping stone to great wedding day pictures. The real visual appeal of the pictures largely depends on the quality of their post-processing. Being a good photographer, one can only ensure that all the special candid moments of your subjects are accurately captured and aesthetically translated onto the spool. However, only an adroit and experienced wedding photo editing services provider can promise to remove all imperfections in the pictures and enhance them to look their best.

At Image2VectorGraphics India, we are a team of handpicked experienced and trained photo editors having particular specialization in editing wedding photos. We take special care to stay up to date with the latest of trends in modern wedding photography arena. This gives us a unique insight into the various signature styles that contemporary photographers tend to use by employing various lighting effects, filters, and backgrounds. As a result, we are better prepared to undertake custom editing assignments for wedding photographs, from both professional wedding photographers and the subjects themselves. We assure to render the special moments look even more stunning, with our effective image enhancement services.

Our typical wedding photo editing services workflow includes:

Image Retouching/Enhancement- We undertake exposure balancing, cropping etc. to render the images looking clear and professional.

Color Correction- We perform color correction to highlight the subjects effectively. Also, our experts pay good attention to the conformity of color.

Noise Reduction- We transform grainy and blurry images into crisp and neat ones by reducing visible noise in photos.

Sky Change- We offer to replace a dull sky with a bright one to render your images vibrant and eye-catching.

Creative Effects- We also offer to add custom creative effects, wherever required, including adjusting hue, saturation, highlights, shadows and so on.

Skin Retouching- We remove, or sometime reduce, any skin imperfections like blemishes, acne, wrinkles, eye bags, etc. and make the skin of the subjects in wedding images look flawless.

Removing Imperfections- Our image enhancement services also include red eye removal, teeth whitening, adding makeup, background removal, editing out unwanted people or objects from the images, weight reduction and much more.

Subscribing to our wedding photo editing services excuses you from exhausting a substantial portion of your limited and precious man hours on the monotonous and laborious post-processing jobs. We offer to accomplish the post-processing of your wedding photographs in a fraction of the time you would have taken doing it yourself, and for a much economical price.

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