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Professional Image Clipping Path Services

In order to cut out any object from a digital image neatly, it is vital to trace along its edges meticulously. Any attempt to hurry it up without skill may render the cut-out unkempt and thus ineffective for the intended use. At Image2VectorGraphics India, we offer this service, better known as Image Clipping Path Service, to our clients for knocking out the background.

Our clients who usually avail our clipping path service include webmasters (esp. online stores), media houses (both online and offline), publication houses, ad agencies, photographers and studios. We use the Photoshop Pen tool to bring about astonishing results. We are specialized in delivering immaculate image clipping at low cost, proven by our exceedingly flattering track record, reflected by our impressive portfolio and an increasing number of longstanding clients for the services since our humble beginning.

Image2VectorGraphics India today is a leading brand name among image clipping path service providers from India, assisting several of overseas companies around the globe in achieving premium quality in their edited photos, including cut-outs of their product images for use across web pages, collages, greeting cards etc.

As a professional image clipping path services provider, we assure best quality image clipping services in fast turnaround time and without burning a hole in your pocket. Not only do we provide affordable services, we also undertake revisions, and even redo requests, at no extra cost. We employ the finest of professionals in India to get the job done for ensuring perfect quality. By assigning us the job, you can completely relax about it. We will add sizeable hours and profits to your days as you would concentrate your energies and time to carry out your core business objectives, as well as, save on operating costs.

We offer image clipping path services for all kinds of image editing needs, be it removing the background or selective color adjustments by creating multiple clipping paths or cutting out product images or logo or graphics for raster to vector conversion or vectorization.

Output Image Clipping Path Before Image Clipping

When it comes to clipping paths, we typically do the tracing absolutely manually. This gives us a complete and meticulous control over the quality of the final results. To add up, we enjoy a rich experience in the entire gamut of image editing services. Consequently, we enjoy a deep and practical understanding of the subject matter and know how clipping paths should be implemented ideally to harness maximum gains through the process and avoid duplicity of efforts. We, therefore, create clipping path along the edges of the entire product as a whole to knock out the background. We create multiple clipping paths to select individual parts of the product/ individual products for discretional selection and color correction. The clipping paths thus created are also used for converting the images to its vector counterpart for use across web-based stores, ad agencies, online and offline magazines etc.

Features of Our Image Clipping Path Services :

  • Handmade clipping to assure highest picture quality
  • Paths are made exactly at edge of products
  • Anchor points as per curve
  • Natural anchor points at curves area
  • Multi clipping path created
  • Color based clipping paths for better color adjustment

How We Work:

First, we have a look at images and understand the path starting and closing points. After that we start manual drawing and assure accurate paths. It helps to isolate the object accurately. If a client asks to return the files with path, we save the paths file or put the image on white or transparent background. Our company has been delivering quality clipping paths to all of our clients worldwide for online stores, publishing house, Ad agencies, or websites.

Before Image Clipping

Why choose us for image clipping path services?

  • Hand Drawn Clipping Path
  • Cost-effective Services
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Multi Level Paths
  • Redo at No Extra Cost
  • 24x7 Support
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