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Image Masking

Image masking is the process of masking the background around the object and ignores everything that's outside. Simply put, it involves isolating an object in a photo from the rest of the image. It is used, where the edges of the image or photo are not well defined, for example, hair, fur products, etc.

Image2VectorGraphicsIndia offers high-quality, and affordable image masking service. You can use our services to bring interesting effects to your photos. Our graphic artists can process complex image masking with no difficulty and perfection. Getting a perfect photo masking effect is both difficult and time-consuming.

Image Masking is difficult but not for us

The masking process is fairly time-consuming work and requires an adequately skilled image editor to bring out the best possible results out of the image. We a are pioneer image masking provider in India which delivers superior quality services all across the globe. Our highly skilled professionals pay good attention to the outline details, keeping in mind your specific needs.

Our professionals are highly trained in image masking techniques. There are complex images in a manner that they have outlines with many turns and curves. Due to the complexity in the outlines of those images, clipping paths are difficult to apply in such cases. There are many image masking techniques and different editing tools that allow us to select image outlines for masking effectively directly onto those images.


For over 11 years, has been assisting its clients in achieving their business goals with the help of striking product photos that render a significant rise in their sales. Having All requisite arrangements including brilliant infrastructure, state-of-the-art work stations, and most importantly, excellent human resources, we are able to offer top-notch quality image editing services. Take a look at some of our services and pick the one that you need.

Image Masking Examples

Hairs Image Masking Example

Image masking is a technique that is used to remove the background from which photographs those have hairs, fur, blurred/fuzzy edges

Here's a brief about all types of image masking services we provide-

Hair Masking Service

Masking hair in an image is quite a difficult task as the overall impression depends on how accurately each strand is being selected. Our professionals provide clean and precise hair masking solutions via Alpha Masking.

Refine Edge Masking

When we have to separate a foreground with fine edges from a contrasting background, our image editors make use of the Refine Edge tool in the photo editing application.

Fur masking

Just like hair, fur also needs to be outlined quite meticulously when making a selection for masking. We make use of Alpha Masking and remove unwanted background cleanly taking care of fine details.

Object Masking

When you need to separate an object from the surrounding part in the image but clipping path technique doesn't seem to be appropriate for it, our object masking services come to the rescue.

Our Image Masking Services are Perfect for-

  • Photographers
  • Photo Studios
  • E-commerce Sellers
  • Online Marketplace Sellers (Amazon, eBay, etc.)
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Apparel Manufacturers & Stores
  • Beauty Product Manufacturers & Store

Why choose us for image masking services?

  • We use the latest filters
  • Cost-effective services
  • Quick turnaround
  • Translucent files provided
  • Redo at no extra cost
  • 24x7 Support

When to Use Our Image Masking Services-

You can utilize our quality masking services when you come across any requirement related to-

  • Model photos with hair details
  • Product image with fur detail (like soft toys)
  • Horticulture Photo
  • Garments with fine threads
  • Decorative products & showpieces (like pom-pom)
  • Group photographs (like party get-together or official gatherings)
  • Sports photographs
  • Landscapes with tree and sky details
  • Animal & Husbandry Photos
  • Complex color correction
  • Mask Mannequin

Image Masking Techniques:

To deliver flawless images, we make use of the following masking techniques:

Layer Masking: In layer masking, Pen Tool is used to applying masks directly to the layer where an accurate selection of soft edges is made. It's generally used for background removal or object isolation from the rest of the photo.

Alpha Channel Masking: This masking process is used for translucent images. It ensures smooth edge isolation of images. When using Alpha Channel, we separate the desired object from the background and save it as Alpha Channel and edit elements like brightness, exposure, contrast, etc.

Hair & Fur Masking: Selecting hair and fur is a complicated task that needs to be done very carefully by creating Alpha channels. We make use of masking to separate hair from the background and edit it as required.

Refine Edge Masking: This method is primarily used for furry items, fabrics, blankets, trees, animals, etc. This masking is done by applying the Refine Radius tool after selecting the desired object with the Quick Selection tool.

Transparency Masking: This method is used for removing transparent objects like glasses. Selecting out transparent things like car windshields or pairs of spectacles is quite complex but our professionals can do it efficiently.

Translucency Masking: Translucent objects like sunglasses, plastic bottles, frosted glass, etc. have around 5 to 100% opacity and light passing through them vaguely makes them a little complex to isolate. Translucency masking is great for such articles.

Color Masking: In color masking, the image is cut just along the edge instead of making the selection from inside keeping a margin of 1 or 2 pixels. It prevents a hollow edge while editing details like exposure and color.



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