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Image Cut Out Service

Image cut out is the process of separating the desired part of an image from its surroundings with the use of Clipping Path, Layer Masking, and Alpha Channel Masking methods to achieve flawless cut out of the objects in the images. Our constant attempt is to keep your visual content attractive as well as detailed. As such, our deliverables are available with transparent, white or any other solid color background to suit your preference and discretion.

We offer to accentuate the attraction in images across your website and other platforms using our image cut out services. We meticulously remove the distracting background in the images, thus rendering them far neater and emphasizing more focus on the intended objects. Being business goals directly aligned with yours, it is our constant effort to engage your audience with your message by enhancing your visual content.

Image Cut Out Service at Image2VectorGraphics India

Image2VectorGraphics India enjoys a distinguished reputation in the image editing industry due to the wide range of high-quality services we provide. Our range includes clipping path, image masking, photo retouching, vectorization and more.

Example of image cut-out

Photo Cut Out Services - Includes Clipping Path, Background Removal, Photo Cut Out, etc.

Image Masking - Includes Translucent Masking, Alpha Masking, and Layer Masking, etc.

Drop Shadow - Includes Drop Shadow, Reflection, Mirror Effect, Product Shadow, etc.

Photo Retouching - Includes Photo Retouching, Photo Restoration, Jewelry Retouching, etc.

Ghost Mannequin - Includes Mannequin Removal, Neck Joint, Unwanted Object Removal, etc.

Product Photo Editing - Includes Product Photo Retouching, Product Optimization, Cropping & Resizing, etc.

Features that Set Us Apart

Experience - We are in the industry for long years and survived through the immense competition prevailing around quite successfully. Today, we are capable of handling image cut out projects of any complexity levels.

Expertise - The professionals staffed with us have adequate qualifications and experience to handle various types of image editing projects. We can deliver amazing results within a very short turnaround time.

Pricing - With the in-depth knowledge of finding cost-effective ways to bring out excellent results, we offer our services at very attractive prices.

Manual Approach - There are several types of automated applications and online tools that crop images without much manual interaction. We never resort to using such applications and tools as they can never deliver as meticulous results as manually cropped images.

Quick Turnaround - Here at Image2VectorGraphics India, we understand the value of time for businesses and always accomplish the undertaken projects within the pre-stipulated time frames.

Efficient Customer Support - Our customer support team is available 24X7 to help you with any queries you might come up with.

Why We are a Reputed Name in the Image Editing Industry-

Professional Quality Services - We always ensure delivery of high-quality services that help you raise your sales

Reliable Partners for Quick Delivery - No worries even if you need a lot of images to be retouched within a few hours. We can edit hundreds of images every hour.

0.50 USD/Image - Our unmatched quality comes at an unbelievable price, just 0.50 USD per photo. What else can you ask for?

24X7 Customer Support - We respond to every query we receive as soon as possible via email, call, or Skype.

Reasonable Prices and Free Quotes

When it comes to pricing, we are just unbeatable. Basic image editing at Image2VectorGraphics India starts at 0.50 USD. Basic images include images that have simple-shaped objects like mobile, ball, square box, etc. The prices rise as per the complexity level of the images.

In case you want to ascertain what price we may charge for your image editing job, request a quote first. We offer free quotes that are generated within 1-4 hours of the request.

Our Image Cut Out Services can be Beneficial for:

  • Online Stores
  • Photographers/Studios
  • Modelling Agencies
  • Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Products
  • Jewelry Makers and Retailers
  • Apparel Stores
  • Beauty Products Stores
  • Health Products Dealers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Event Management Companies
  • And many more...

Why Prefer Professional Cut Out Services Over Automated Ones?

Professional Cut Out Services

  • Delivery of desired results as per specific requirements
  • Neat and clean photos with a professional look
  • High-quality images that help improve the conversion rate
  • Easy and quick management of multiple images
  • Simple process to outsource image editing

Automated Cut Out Services

  • Requires huge time to edit a large number of images
  • Low-quality result
  • Unable to cater to the precise needs of clients
  • Photos with an inferior finish
  • Allows to edit just one photo at a time

Being in the business for several years and stationed in New Delhi, we are able to offer quite a quick turnaround time to our clients, that too with high-quality output. For further information, contact us at our email address