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Convert Logo to Vector

Your business logo represents your brand everywhere, from a small visiting card to a huge roadside banner. However, the raster format file of your logo in its present state may not be stretchable beyond a point. It could be fit for being printed on a visiting card but too small for a banner or even a brochure. In case you want a bigger version of your image or want it to be converted to a scalable format, we can provide matchless services and convert logo to vector in a very short period. Our professional and skilled artists redraw your logo end-to-end by hand, irrespective of intricacy involved, at a truly quick turnaround time.

Logo After Conversion
Logo As Scanned

In case you are not able to find a clean logo image for any of your clients or you have a very old print of your business logo that needs to be reproduced, avail image to vector conversion services of our designers and get the job done in the blink of an eye. Instead of putting in your precious time and effort into redrawing the logo yourself, contact us for a no-obligation quote and see for yourself how commercially viable it is to allow our professional tracing artists to do it for you. We'll accomplish it at a reasonable cost with a guarantee of flawless quality in a very short span of time.

Manual Tracing for Accurate Selection

When converting raster logos to vector, the use of Pen Tool supposes to be the best way to make an accurate selection around points and curves. Pen Tool requires manual efforts but it ensures utmost preciseness. The effort invested in using the pen tool translates into an accurate selection which leads towards an identical vector version of the bitmap-based image.

Why Vector Logos

  • It's scalable- Scale it up to any size you want.
  • It's editable- Make changes easily and quickly.
  • It's easy to export- Vector has multiple export options.

Why Choose Us for Logo Conversion Services?

We are a team of expert and experienced graphic artists with an impressive track record of converting raster images to clean, crisp, and scalable vector art pieces. We deal in all raster image formats including PNG, GIF, and JPEG, to convert them into PDF, SVG and EPS, as per the requirement. What puts our logo conversion services apart from the rest is that we offer cent percent hand tracing. We offer to convert logo to vector within 24 hours to our clients.

Our Vector Logo Conversion Process

Step 1

Recreating outlines of the logo with the help of the Pen tool

Step 2

Defining a color scheme to match the original colors

Step 3

Reproducing shadows, reflections, etc. for absolute resemblance

Step 4

Enhancing the quality of logos while conversion from low to high using appropriate techniques

Step 5

Retaining the original fonts and other elements

Step 6

Converting logo files into the desired vector format, such as SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, etc.

Main Highlights of Our Services are:

  • Fully hand traced vector art by professional tracing artists
  • Economical rates
  • Quick turnaround time, including delivery
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Confidentiality and security of your intellectual property assured
  • Instant no obligation quote facility available
  • Round the clock customer care

Here is a List of Our Logo Conversion Services:

  • Logo to Vector Illustrator Conversion
  • Logo to Transparent PNG Conversion
  • Logo to Black and White Conversion
  • Logo to Favicon Conversion
  • JPG (or JPEG) files to Vector EPS Redrawing
  • GIF to Vector EPS Conversion
  • Blurry Logo Conversion
  • Sketch Logo Conversion
  • Embroidery Logo Conversion

Our Featured Services

For over 11 years, has been assisting its clients in achieving their business goals with the help of striking product photos that render a significant rise in their sales. Having All requisite arrangements including brilliant infrastructure, state-of-the-art work stations, and most importantly, excellent human resources, we are able to offer top-notch quality image editing services. Take a look at some of our services and pick the one that you need.

Image Masking

Image Masking Service

If the objects to be separated in your photos have fine details on edges, try our image masking services and experience flawlessness. From Layer Masking to Alpha Channel Masking, we have an extensive range to offer.

Image Clipping Path

Image Clipping Path

Our clipping path professionals are well-known for drawing accurate manual paths. We have special packages of image clipping path services for e-commerce businesses that have regular requirements.

Web Shop

Image Retouching

When retouching images, we perform tasks like removing wrinkles, creases, dust, scratches etc.; adding shadow, reflexion, etc.; removing background and much more. In short, we add boundless appeal to the images.

Image Background Removal

Image Background Removal

We execute background removal so meticulously that the edges remain absolutely intact and look real irrespective of what background you put behind it. Our clients from the e-commerce industry can vouch for us anytime.

Product Image Cut Out

Image Cut Out

Businesses that use images for various purposes like e-commerce selling, promotion, social media, etc. prefer to keep cut outs of objects and models. We provide superior image cut out services.

Real Estate Image Editing

Real Estate Image Editing has a separate team to take care of real estate images. Some of the things we do to enhance real estate photos are color cast removal, brightness contrast adjustment, spot removal, and sky replacement.

Photo Enhancement

Photo Enhancement

There are many tricks and techniques that can be used to enhance a photo, including acne, blemishes, freckle removal; airbrushing; and skin tone fixing. From minor brightness adjustment to major transformations, we can do it all.

Jewelry Photo Editing

Jewelry Photo Editing

Usually, jewelry pieces have intricate designs that need highly experienced image editors to remove various imperfections. When editing jewelry photos we perform color correction, spot removal, brightness adjustment, etc.

Furniture Photo Editing

Furniture Photo Editing

It has become essential for furniture retailers online store to use perfect detailed images. We adjust color, brightness; remove shadows, reflection, scratches and messy background perfectly and always deliver realistic photos.

Image Resizing Service

Image Resizing Service

Thumbnails, standard product image, or custom size, whatever size you want for your images, can deliver within hours while ensuring the same aspect ratio and high quality.

Image to Vector Conversion

Image to Vector Conversion

Have all your graphics in vector formats and scale them up to any size as required. Logos, signs, artworks, cartoons, or stencils, we can convert any types of raster images to clean & accurate vector graphics.

Lifestyle Portrait Retouching

Portrait Retouching

Our retouchers make sure your bundle of joy looks spellbinding in all portraits. We undertake things like fixing brightness and contrast; removing acne, freckle etc.; airbrushing; adding missing details and special effects; etc.

Digital Image Processing

Digital Image Processing

With an efficient team that uses the latest technologies & tools, we can deliver high-quality digital image processing services in no time. We process product images, scanned images, promotional images and more.

Image Watermark Removal

Image Watermark Removal

Watermark removal should be done so clearly that the realisticness that of the image is retained absolutely. When our professionals work on watermark removal projects, they take care that no other details are lost.

Wedding Photo Editing

Wedding Photo Editing

Whether you are photographer or a couple wanting to add grace to your precious wedding photos, we can add more glamor to your photos by fixing exposure, color balance etc. Also, we can apply some breathtaking special effects!

Are you curious to know how much we would charge in your particular case of logo vectorization? Send us an e-mail. We will be more than glad to revert back as soon as possible.