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Client: A Boutique Owner, Australia

Case Study
Image Editing and Web Optimization for Online Boutique
Client’s Overview
This client is a premier Australian boutique that deals in apparel designing and stitching services. They offer both made to measure and readymade clothes.
Project Requirements
After having a meeting with the client, our business development team outlined the following project requirements:

  • Image retouching
  • Converting raw images to JPEG format
  • Web optimization of images
  • Changing background
  • Processing 30000 images in 15 days

Solutions Provided
To edit raw images before converting to some another format is always a challenging job. Keeping the complexity in mind, we took the following measures for successful and timely accomplishment of the project:

  • The project had many specific requirements to take care of, so we deployed some of the most talented graphic artists on the job. It ensured perfect quality and timely delivery of all the images.
  • As the objects in the images were to be put on new background, the objects needed to be cut out quite accurately. So, all the professionals working on the project were given special instructions regarding very clear and accurate extractions of the objects.
  • Web optimization of images was one of the prime objectives of the project; so, while editing each image we ensured proper web optimization keeping all the major browsers and platforms in mind.
  • All the images were of products offered by the boutique, so it was essential to make the images as much attractive and detailed as they could be. Hence, our experts pay great attention to the details of the products and highlighted them in the best possible way.
  • There was a huge lot of images to be processed and we had to deliver output within half a month only. So, we used the state-of-the-art software applications and tools to edit the images as soon as possible.
  • For absolute satisfaction of our clients, we set up a quality check team which had to pay attention to both the quality of the finished images and the speed of the image processing. It helped us a lot in providing the output that met the expectations of the client, in a timely fashion.

The Outcome:
With the great adroitness and dedication of the staff members handling the project, we delivered the project within the committed timeline without compromising on the quality. Our quality analysts checked all the pictures to make sure that all images were edited as per the instructions of the clients. Working on this project was a pleasant experience for our team.

Client’s Remark:
Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! You have done a spectacular job and I believe our partnership is going for long. The way you have done the work and that also without any delays, I am highly impressed. Will soon send you some more images. -Rachael Clark

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