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Client: Real Estate Agency, the U.K.

Case Study
Real Estate Image Retouching on an Everyday Basis

Client’s Overview
The client runs a reputed and trusted real estate agency dealing in residential, commercial and industrial properties in Great Britain. The agency enjoys a strong network in the U.K., especially England and Northern Ireland.

Project Requirements
Buying a property is an important decision and it takes a lot for real estate agents to persuade prospective customers to visit the properties available for sale. Amazing pictures of properties displayed on online platforms can make it quite easy for realtors and agents. Here are the specific requirements of the project ascertained after a meeting with client:

  • Maintaining consistency between scenes
  • Exposure blending through Photoshop
  • Color correction
  • Removing spots, dust etc., where required
  • Removing unnecessary people and objects
  • Lens correction
  • Quick turnaround
  • Constant communication

Solutions Provided
Based on the requirements laid down by the client, the following efforts were made to deliver the project successfully:

  • We made a team of the best graphic designers available with us, and paid special attention to their expertise in using Photoshop as it supposes to be the most effective image editing program created so far.
  • The images were to be edited in many aspects; so, we paid attention that all the professionals employed on the project had dexterity in various image editing jobs like exposure blending, maintaining consistency, color cast removal, lens correction etc.
  • As the project was quite big, we hired 3 more real estate image editors and provided them proper training to deliver images that match client’s expectations.
  • The team constituted for the project was specifically instructed to take care of both quality and speed while editing images.
  • The team of graphic designers deployed on the project was being supervised by 2 senior image editors to eliminate any chances of flaws and imperfections.
  • For constant status update to the client and other communication requirements, we appointed an experienced customer support executive who had to take care of this project only. This way, the client was provided with wonderful customer support that made him aware of all the developments in the project in real time.

The Outcome:
Our brilliant strategy defined for the project enabled us to deliver project 2 days before the committed time frame. Besides, the quality was also appreciated by the client. The compliments that our team got from the client infused a new energy in our professionals.

Benefits to the Client:
Attractive Images- All the images we delivered looked great and added to the visual appeal of the site. And thus, the user experience of the site enhanced.
Clear Details- Besides enhancing the appearance of the pictures, the details that may be helpful for prospective property buyers were highlighted properly. It increased the number of physical visits to the properties, as more detailed pictures attracted more buyers.
Quick Turnaround- We understand the value of time in online business and know how important it is to deliver projects on time. The timely delivery of images from our side allowed the client to go as per the plan and ensured smooth business operations.

Client’s Remark
There’s nothing I can complaint about! The images are beyond my expectations and I would love to work with you again and again. -David Wilson

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